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Alpaca Beans

The natural waste (manure) from an alpaca has become increasingly popular for fertilizing vegetable and flower gardens, house plants, orchards, shrubbery and trees. Alpaca manure is the best natural fertilizer for gardens and even house plants.

Alpaca manure consists of small, oval droppings resembling beans and are known as ‘green beans’ within the alpaca industry.   With three stomachs to process food, the alpaca diet of grass, hay, minerals and fresh water moves efficiently through from product to manure.

Green beans are a natural source of slow releasing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium/potash-all in small percentages, so there is no problem burning or over-fertilizing.   The beans can be placed directly on outdoor plants.  Composted beans are best for vegetable gardens.

Key benefits:

  • Green beans area naturally organic with no added manufactured chemicals.

  • Green beans are virtually odorless.

  • Green beans contain relatively few parasites.

  • Green beans added to pastures helps to loosen clay soils and harden sandy soils.

  • Green beans add vital nutrients to the soil, in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


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Alpaca Green Beans Tea Recipe

(Plant Fertilizer)

  1. Fill a knee-high nylon stocking with beans.

  2. Mix with ½ gallon of water.

  3. Let mixture sit in the sun for a few hours.

  4. Pour liquid on flowers, plants, trees.

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